Salesperson at sasko

Category: SalesJob Code: S-SALES-2226

Job Description:

A Salesperson is responsible for identifying, developing and maintaining customer relationships within SASCO’s core business customer base. The core business customer base consists primarily of general building contractors.  The Salesperson shall identify project opportunities within his/her assigned customer base, projects involving electrical construction and related services.  The Salesperson is responsible for bringing valid project opportunities into SASCO’s project groups, and he/she shall captain the sales process of each opportunity that is selected by a project group for bidding.  They shall also develop and maintain relationships with all internal customers and resources.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidate shall have a minimum of 5-7 years’ experience in sales and marketing in the construction industry, with a proven track record of developing and maintaining customer relationships. The candidate must have a natural ability to engage in business relationships with individuals and groups, and a willingness to improve and exploit his/her talents to build customer relationships for SASCO.

The candidate must enjoy teamwork in a business environment. The candidate shall possess strong verbal and written communication skills, shall be energetic and a self-starter.  The successful candidate shall have raw intelligence, a willingness to learn, tenacity, strong organizational skills and excellent work habits.  Experience with Microsoft Outlook and database programs is a plus.

Job Duties
  • Identify, develop and maintain customer relationships with current and prospective general contracting customers.
  • Manage the development of bid proposals by gathering key information on the customer and facilitating the development of the overall bid strategy. The bids will vary in size, scope and complexity, with often multiple bids at once. Highly developed creative writing skills are required (excellent spelling, punctuation, grammar).
  • Through customer base, identify and develop electrical construction opportunities that meet SASCO’s minimum standards.
  • Present opportunities to SASCO project groups and deliver accurate project information and documents.
  • Track all projects that are designated for bidding, and update project information on an on-going basis.
  • Engage the project groups in the sales and bidding process, and maintain strong communication with internal parties and with external customers throughout the bid phase of each project.
  • Continue to strengthen and improve customer relationships, and track progress on a monthly basis. Utilize SASCO’s entertainment resources as appropriate to develop relationships.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with internal customers, the project groups.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of SASCO’s business objectives so that the concept of “Why SASCO” can be effectively sold to external customers.
  • Participate in Sales work sessions and training.
  • Attend industry association meetings as a means of networking with the customer base and other industry professionals.
  • Participate in SASCO Sales functions.