Barcelos Brand New Opening Soon

Various Job Opportunities Available

Entire sfaff Needed




General Assistants

As with the most brands the Barcelos indenty has undergone some transformations over the years in order to remain a key player in the casual dining /or quick service restaurant industry.With our fame and flavour rooted firmly in the tradion ,authentic receips and friendly service Barcelos is a forward -thinking Company seeking to grow and establish our brand globally.

Our abitity to satisfy various cultures and tastes is evidence that we have mastered the receipe for successand growth.Join us on our journey as Barcelos expand all over the world to ensure that the legends lives on.

Modern fast -lane- living has left us with little time to enjoy good old – fashioned traditions and ideas .This is equally true about food and eating habits .Therefore we at Barcelos strives continually to find a balance between the traditional healthy home -style cuisine and the fast lane demands of the modern world ,our fast food restaurants specializing in the traditional way of serving healthy and spice ,flame grilled chicken prepared as authentically as the ancient Portuguese Chefs mastered it.Today Barcelos with it’s roots in the cultute tradition and history offers a relevant and convincient dining experience for a dirverse range of cultures

Here are few things our franchise is about

A well known or recognized brand name and trade mark.

A history or proven perfomance and success

Good reputation amongst and present franchises .

A period of training for your ongoing support and mentoring

Training of staff /labourers

Efforts to ensure low staff turnovers

A mannual of operations to help you run the business successfully marketing compaigns for the franchise.

Concrete plans available for the growth of the franchise.

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