COVID-19 SRD Grant Application Status

Now let’s address the SRD grant
Pending means they are still investigating if you don’t receive any income so basically they are still busy with your application. SASSA said, those who were approved will still get their money even if its in June for the May payment.
June pay date for this grant hasn’t been announced or finalized yet so it’s a waiting game. Remember they experienced major delays from the onset so they are still catching up. They promised that with the level 3 lockdown, payments and applications will be processed quicker as they will be adding their staff – they were working with 1/3 of their personnel so now they’ll be more people.
So just keep checking your status with the online link or WhatsApp number though sometimes their sites are offline, please try again and be patient. You don’t need to fill in password and username this error message was because the system was down so should you see this again, wait for a while and try again later. They promised to get it sorted last night, I’m not sure if they managed but keep checking.
We ask that you kindly remain patient as they work the system and we know that this is inconveniencing you greatly therefore, we’d like to apologise on their behalf.

Please follow this link to check the status of your COVID-19 SRD grant application.